2018 Diamond DA-62



Serial Number 62.083
Registration Number N1615W
Only 500 Hours Total Time Since New
2 Owners
Always Hangar


Austro AE330
Serial Number E4P-C-00202
Only 500 Hours

Austro AE330
Serial Number E4P-C-00203
Only 500 Hours


MT-Propeller MTV-6-R-C- F/CF194-80
Serial Number 180774
Only 500 Hours Total Time Since New

MT-Propeller MTV-6-R-C- F/CF194-80
Serial Number 180789
Only 500 Hours Total Time Since New


Garmin G1000 NXi Glass Cockpit with Synthetic Vision

Garmin GEA 71B Engine/Airframe Unit

Cleveland Brakes

Garmin GDU 1050 Primary Flight Display

Garmin GDU 1055 Multi-Function Display

Garmin GMA 1347 Audio Panel / Marker/ ICS

Mid Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module

Garmin GDC 72 Digital Air Data System

Garmin GIA 63 W Dual Integrated Avionics

Garmin GTX335 R Transponder

Garmin GRS 79 Attitude/Heading Reference System

Garmin GMU 44 Magnetometer

Aerox Oxygen Cylinder

Concorde RG24-15 Main Battery

Diamond Emergency Battery

Kelly Aerospace Additional Alternator

Garmin GFC 700 Automatic Flight Control
System including Yaw Damper

Garmin GIA 64W Dual Integrated Avionics

Garmin GTX 345R Transponder

Garmin GA 37 GPS # 1 Antenna

Garmin GDL 69A SXM Data Link Processor

Kannad 406 AF- Compact ELT Unit


Blue Metallic and Light Silver


Premium Leather Seating

7-Passenger Configuration with 3rd Row Seating

Adjustable Backrest for Pilot and Co-Pilot

Ergonomic Seats and Backrests

Electrically Operated Adjustable Rudder Pedals

28V Power Supply Socket

Overhead Ambient Cabin

Reading and Map Lights

Middle Armrest

Air Conditioning

Additional Equipment

Telex 100 TRA Handmic

Air Total Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit

Diamond Egress Hammer

Woodway/Dhelen Belt Cutter

Safe Flight Lift Detector

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