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About Us

Global 360 Aviation was founded by Michael Grana in 2015. Michael started the company with the goal of providing customers with exceptional aviation services in the areas of:

  • Professional Crew Services
  • Aircraft Management Services
  • Flight Training/ Mentoring
  • Aircraft Sales/ Acquisitions


After purchasing an aircraft, ownership can be time consuming and stressful. Global 360 Aviation offers all-inclusive management, making ownership easy and hassle free. We structure all of our management customers in a way that provides services that fit owners’ missions and needs.

Global 360 aviation can help with:

  • Hangar Space Logistics
  • Avionic Updates
  • Pre and Post Flight Preparation
  • Maintenance Management

Flight Training

With Global 360 Aviation flight training program, we pair you with a flight instructor who has the experience you desire. We partner with various professional flight instructors in several national locations who have a variety of professional experiences that will enable you to be exposed to different types of aviation situations. We also make sure you train in the latest aircraft, utilizing the most modern up-to-date avionics. For instance, many of our partners have planes equipped with the Garmin G1000 system.

Besides providing flight training, Global 360 Aviation also offers an aircraft safety and mentor pilot service, biannual flight reviews, and even pinch-hitter courses for your significant other who may not want to earn a pilot’s license, but does want to know how to fly in case of emergencies. And finally, we can provide additional flight training to help owners transition from piston to turbine aircraft.

Crew Services

Global 360 Aviation has a network of professional pilots who are able to help with all your aircraft needs on a day-to-day basis. Our Pilot Referral Service allows owners to be in touch with hundreds of pilots, so that owners pay for only the days they want to travel. With our Pilot Referral Service, Global 360 Aviation provides aircraft owners another cost savings for aircraft ownership.

If you are a pilot looking to be added to our Crew Roster for our Pilot Referral Service, please fill out the contact form, and we will email you the necessary forms.

Aircraft Sales

With over 15 years of purchasing, evaluating, and selling personal and corporate aircraft, Global 360 Aviation has developed an excellent network of professional contacts which allow us to expertly show your aircraft to prospective buyers. We are proud of our attention to detail, individualized service, and respect for both buyers and sellers.

By choosing to work with Global 360 Aviation,  we ensure that transferring of aircraft ownership is a worthwhile experience for everyone.

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